Alida Brill

Alida Brill

Alida Brill is a feminist social critic. She has written and spoken on such diverse topics as medical and sexual privacy, the ethics surrounding the right to die, the role of gender during periods of economic transition, intolerance and prejudice, and the conflict of personal versus public politics in a democracy.

She is the author of Nobody’s Business: The Paradoxes of Privacy, and the editor of A Rising Public Voice: Women in Politics Worldwide. In 1983 she was co-author, with Herbert McClosky, of the landmark book, Dimensions of Tolerance: What Americans Believe About Civil Liberties. Her essays and commentaries have appeared in a variety of anthologies, journals, magazines and websites.

Her most recent book, DEAR PRINCESS GRACE, DEAR BETTY: The Memoir of A Romantic Feminist has just been published. In this memoir, she chronicles her life as a woman and feminist in times of great change, and of her enduring friendship with Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique. For further information, visit the books page on this website and her own website:

Books by Alida Brill

  1. Dancing at the River's Edge