1. Andrea G. Labinger

    Andrea G. Labinger

    Andrea G. Labinger has published numerous translations of Latin American fiction. Gesell Dome, her translation of Guillermo Saccomanno’s noir novel Cámara Gesell (Open Letter, 2016),…

  2. Marjolijn de Jager

    Marjolijn de Jager

    MARJOLIJN DE JAGER was born in Indonesia
    (1936), raised in The Netherlands, and residing in the USA
    since the age of 22, Marjolijn de Jager earned a PhD. in Romance
    Languages and…

  3. Julia Grawemeyer

    Julia Grawemeyer

    Julia Grawemeyer translates from French to English. Her first translation, Save the Planet by Corine Sombrun and Almir Narayamoga Surui, was released in July from Schaffner Press. She has taught…

  4. Gretchen Schmid

    Gretchen Schmid

    Gretchen Schmid is an assistant editor at Penguin Books and the translator of Discovering the Hidden Wisdom of The Little Prince by Pierre Lassus. She lives in New York City.

  5. M.J. Fièvre

    M.J. Fièvre

    Born in Port-au-Prince, Michele-Jessica (M.J.) Fièvre is the founding editor of Sliver of Stone Magazine and the author of A Sky the Color of Chaos (Beating Windward, 2015). She obtained her MFA…

  6. Wendy Burk

    Wendy Burk

    Wendy Burk is the author of Tree Talks: Southern Arizona (Delete Press), which was named to Entropy‘s list of the best poetry books of 2016. She is the translator of two…

  7. Chandler Thompson

    Chandler Thompson

    Chandler Thompson acquired his translating chops in the 1960s as a Peace Corps Volunteer, then while writing news stories in English from raw copy in Spanish and French. He’s covered Mexico…